About RAND Benchmark

RAND Benchmark is an online application that enables law enforcement agencies to evaluate officer and staff member performance outcomes fairly and accurately by comparing outcomes to a customized group of peers working under similar conditions. It can be used to evaluate any performance outcome that is important to your department, such as traffic stop patterns (e.g., duration, search results, uses-of-force), frequency of citizen feedback, or other quantifiable outcomes.


RAND Benchmark enables law enforcement agencies to

  • Create a unique, customized performance comparison for each officer based on suitable peers
  • Fully account for differences in work times, places, and conditions that affect outcomes
  • Identify outliers in particular dimensions of performance
  • Strengthen performance evaluation processes, streamline department operations, and build confidence
  • Identify and develop solutions to address potential problem situations early on
  • Protect against legal, financial, and reputational risk associated with allegations of improper actions

An Affordable, Easy-to-Use Online Application

RAND Benchmark is an easy-to-use web-based application

  • Accessed completely through a web browser
  • Requires no installation or maintenance
  • Uses strong security measures to ensure data privacy and security
  • Requires no significant upfront investment — pricing is based on a monthly service fee

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